Thinking about getting Double of Triple Piercings?  Great idea! Read on to find out more

Our piercer Anna is happy to perform double and triple piercings, whether at the same time or in stages to achieve the desired effect. 

Double and Triple Piercings in the ear

The most popular of places to get Doubles & Triples is the ear.  With the ear, the world is your oyster.  From Lobes to Cartilage although every ear is different there are normally a few options to get pierced.  

Everyone’s ears are different, so it may be that the exact multiple can’t be achieved but Anna is always happy to discuss other options.  The Pinterest picture you have been swooning over might not work for you.  However we can always find something equally as stunning.  With certain areas it is advisable to piece in stages.  For example the picture below shows a customer who started with one forward helix piecing, and built up to three. 

Triple Piercings

Triple Piercings can heal quite slowly if you get them done in one go.  This is due to your body having to heal 3 places at one time.  However if you decide to go for triple piercings please make sure to follow our healing instructions properly to ensure good healing. 

Triple Lobe Piercing

Triple piercings in the lobe are a pretty option if you don’t feel like taking the plunge in the cartilage.  We have some stunning jewellery options if you want to have a certain look straight away.  The customer above requested three Angel Skin opals in decreasing sizes to fit in a healed first lobe and added two new piercings to the lobe to make a triple.  If you are interested in custom jewellery for the initial piercing, please get in touch.  There are some limitations to what can be initially fitted (mainly the type of bar).  We are happy to accommodate requests for other attachments instead of the initial piercing jewellery at an extra cost.  

Double Cartilage Piercing First and Second Lobe piercing

Double piercings in the ear also look striking.  Double lobes, double upper helix and more!  There are so many options to choose from.  Why not come in and have a chat to Anna about your next double piercing?

 IMG_4700 Double Forward Helix Piercing Hertfordshire

Multiple piercings elsewhere in the body

Want to go for something a bit more daring?  Why not have a double nose piercing?  This can either be one each side of the nostril, like the customer below.  Or you can have two in the same nostril provided there is enough room. 

Best Body piercing

Or how about double eyebrow piercings?  This customer had one either side for symmetry.  Again provided there is a good space for placement you can also have two on one side. 

Double Eyebrow Piercing

Also Lip piercings have many options for doubles.  Please take a look at our previous blog post on Lip Piercings to see the different types that you can have.

Anna would love to do more Double and Triple piercings, things like Triangle Lobe piercings, upper conch triple piercings and more!  Take a look at some of Anna’s work in her gallery here

We do piercings on a walk in basis so there is no need to book.   Just come down to the Studio during our opening times!

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