Everyone has been asking me where is your van? 

Which is great because it means the sign-writing works. The van is currently away having a conversion done.

Just because the Crafter is not in the car park it does not mean that I am not in the Studio.  To my horror a couple of regulars have said to me that they were going to “pop in” but figured I wasn’t here because they couldn’t see the van, I am nearly always here.


At the moment I am flying about in a little Suzuki carry van which I have christened “Dirty Arry”.  I picked it up cheap, I think because the interior smelt of death, another story.  But if you look for it you will know it when you spot it.

I have decided that we are going on the road this year, taking in a few Tattoo Convention both in the UK and maybe even Europe.  This is why the Crafter is away for a conversion and it depends on how quickly it gets converted as to how far we roam.  It will be a hotel on wheels, reminiscent of the good old days when racing bikes, we would be living out of the back of a van for the weekend.  This time around the van will be somewhat more plush than it was in those days.


I don’t like hotels.  Unless they are five star and on the beach, in somewhere like Barbados.  In good old rip off Britain the back of the van will do just fine.

So the plan was to hit the road around the middle of June-ish.


However, as usual events have overtaken my plans. My name is already down on the shortlist for the Liverpool Convention and the Tattoo Tea Party in Manchester should either have a cancellation. It’s short notice as I don’t even have banners printed or business cards for that matter, I don’t get out much.


Jez from Camber Customs got in touch a couple of weeks back.  A quality machine builder with many years experience in the industry and some proper old school morals.  Jez wanted to distribute our Super Tattoo Sauce product at some Tattoo Convention and we were more than happy to have him represent our little bottles of Awesome Sauce.

camber custom black bulldog sticker

Jez will be selling our Super Tattoo Sauce at the following tattoo convention:  Tattoo Tea Party in Manchester on the 4th and 5th of March and The Liverpool Convention on the 5th,6th and 7th of May.  I may be there to support him, although a small part of me hope’s that it is only in a delivery role.

Should I get a slot at either Tattoo Convention then I think I have a plan.  It’s a ridiculous plan but it may just work, if it does I shall document it this coming week.

One trip that is planned, booked and set in stone is a little jaunt to Amsterdam, our June guest artist Dano Collins will be in the city doing something pretty special, he will be tattooing in one of Amsterdam’s oldest tattoo studios, should be fun.

Tattoo Peter Amsterdam

This time of the year is supposed to be quite in the studio and I did have some plans for work on other forms of artwork, it seems that we are busier than expected both on the piercing and tattoo front. So it looks like that will have to wait for now.

IMG_1290 IMG_1314

We have plenty going on this year and lots of new news, so keep a regular check on the blog.