This time next week our internationally renowned Guest Artist Dano Collins will be in the I Ain’t No Saint Studio – make sure you book in!

If you haven’t heard Dano Collins international Tattoo Artist will be gracing the chair at I Ain’t No Saint.   Dano is back for his 3rd guest spot here at I Ain’t No Saint!  We are pleased to welcome this world Famous Artist back to the Studio to round off his UK tour. 

Don’t already know about Dano?  He is a Tattoo Artist with over 40 years experience.  Not only that, Dano is a Master Tattoo Machine Builder who has won numerous awards, written books and even been consulted by film and television producers for his extensive knowledge of tattooing. 

Looking for a Tattoo with a piece of history?  Now is your chance – you can’t get much better than having a bit of ink from Mr Dano Collins.  The man can draw on experiences most tattooers could only dream of!  He is one of the fastest Tattooers around due to his wealth of experience.  Dano really is Tattoo Royalty.

We are lucky enough to have Guest Artist Dano Collins back in the Studio from 13th-18th June.  We still have some spaces left and Dano is happy working in any style.  

Dano’s colour work is solid and bright – the last time he was here he did a full colour piece on our Piercer Anna’s Ribcage in 7.5hours.  Iaint has also got a Strong Man piece on his calf done by Dano in 3 hours. 

His Black and Grey is just a solid and even faster!  So no need to worry if you are looking to get a big piece done by this Tattoo Master.

What are you waiting for?  Book in with Guest Artist Dano Collins, get in contact today!

If you want to find out even more about Dano take a look at this blog post.  

Make sure you book in with this Tattoo Legend, it’s not an opportunity to miss.  You might even get treated to some magics tricks too!