After an enjoyable visit last October, world famous Tattoo Artist Dano Collins will be back with a bang at I Aint No Saint for a week in July!


Dano will be here from 21st – 27th July and tattooing as much as he can.  With over 40 years of tattooing experience, Dano can trace his roots back to the original Sailor Jerry and has tattooed all over the world.


Getting Tattooed by Dano Collins

Last time at I Aint No Saint, he was booked for a few full day sittings (including one for Iaint) as well as some smaller pieces.  You may remember seeing the black and grey Koi cover up, or the vibrant Koi lower half sleeve.  Dano loves to tattoo – and is pretty fast to boot – so if you want to get a piece of ink by one of the worlds most renowned tattoo artists get in touch.


Black and Grey Koi cover up by Dano Collins


Koi lower half sleeve by Dano Collins


If you fancied getting tattooed by Dano the last time he was over, don’t miss the chance to get a piece from him this time.  He already has bookings and we are giving you all plenty of notice, so get booked in now!


Bat by Dano Collins