This healed Tattoo is a take on the traditional Homeward Bound Tattoo and it is a good example of my healed work. Although it is far from the traditional design.

Traditionally a Tattoo of a fully rigged ship meant that the sailor wearing it had been around Cape Horn. 

Homeward Bound Tattoo

At some point over time the words homeward bound have been added to the design and it has become known as a Homeward Bound Tattoo.

The first recorded flash designs of a Homeward Bound Tattoo were possibly credited to George ‘Professor’ Burchett or Sutherland McDonald. Not many records were kept prior to these artists so it’s hard to know for sure if many of the Flash designs that were created were created before their time.

Census records show that between 1851 and 1911 every major port in Great Britain had a least one tattoo parlour in residence. In Britain a link can be made between Captain Cook’s voyage in the 1700s and sailors marking their bodies with designs. This way true “seafarers” could differentiate themselves from the “landlubbers”.

The homeward bound tattoo has been adopted as a design by many famous Tattoo artists including sailor Jerry Collins and Bert Grimm, some examples of their work:


                              Homeward Bound Tattoo Homeward Bound Tattoo 


If you’re interested in nautical tattoos and then why not get in touch with me, it is a subject I want to explore further and something I want to do a lot more of. Maybe we can put a new spin on some of the older designs in the same way ben did with this Homeward Bound Tattoo. If you need some inspiration, then I have all of the reference and meanings in the studio.

IMG_0096                                                        Nautical Back Tattoo in progress Nautical Back Tattoo in Progress


Whatever your tattoo and piercing requirements, come in and see us at I Aint No Saint, you are always welcome. Be sure to leave with some super tattoo sauce to heal your fresh tattoo.