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Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. So let’s just say I spent six years enslaved by Komodo Dragons in the underground tattoo world of Asia. After being the only know mammal to escape the clutches of the Dragons without being issued a deadly bite, I made it back home on a hijacked tuk-tuk and met a traditional Family run Freakshow-on-Wheels. We travelled the length and breadth of the British Isles; amongst the bearded ladies, old time strong men and Lion Tamers, there were also long standing tattooers as part of the troupe – and some of the best in the business! Not only did I learn to crack a whip, ride a unicycle and grow a decent beard, I also picked up invaluable lessons and skills in Tattooing.

Right that’s the bio out of the way so let me tell you what I do: good solid tattoos in any style.  Be it your artwork or mine (or yours re-drawn) I am pretty flexible, I just enjoy tattooing.

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I have been doing this for over ten years now.  I am fast, competent, reliable and I am not going to put you through a great deal of suffering thanks to my experience.  I have worked alongside and learnt from some of the world’s top tattoo artists.  I could write a list but the only important one is the one I still work with and learn from today: Dano Collins, who is a guest in my Parlour each year.

The Parlour, of which I am extremely proud, wants for nothing.  It was started with nothing so I like to spoil it.  It goes without saying that we have all of the very latest sterilisation equipment and professional tattoo tools and single use needles.  But we have so much more…

This must be one of the smallest Parlours in the country but it packs quite a big punch; there are flat screen TV’s for your amusement and entertainment, we have a marine tank and Parlour critters to relax your mood and we have free all day parking so you don’t have to worry about the car.

The décor definitely reflects my personality: it is completely black and white.  I used to race Superbikes so originally the Studio was done like a Moto GP pit garage, stainless steel and super shiny surfaces.  Since we opened on New Years day 2012 the Parlour got a few “seasons” under it’s belt and it has evolved.

It still has that checkered flag feel but with elements of Ibiza, Brazil and other travels.  It has been decorated by our clients as well; famous faces, people with talent and some really interesting people with great stories.  My favourite is the client who built the last Aston Martin Lagonda Engines, he left us a really cool piece of memorabilia.

Overall, I Aint No Saint is a relaxed and chilled out place to get tattooed by someone who knows what they are doing.  It’s constantly evolving and the family is growing.  Come and be part of it.

It is a Parlour for “Grown Ups” above the age of 18….

…so before you ask: No we don’t do parental permission and no we won’t tattoo your girlfriends name on your face.

If you want to get booked in, you can pay your deposit to secure the booking by clicking here.  Or is you are looking to get a quote, before you contact us have a look at this post about Tattoo Prices.


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