My TV viewing consists of all forms of Road Racing, Moto GP, TT, BSB etc.  I also religiously watch the UFC and some Bellator fights.  Then there is Ex on the Beach and having conquered my fear of zombies, I am now currently up to date with the Walking Dead.  Now there is a new thing: Just Tattoo of Us…


Everyone wants to know my TV viewing habits, I do not know why?  I get asked time and again “do you watch Tattoo Fixers?”  Sadly the answer is no.  I do not get time to watch this countries finest (really?) Cover Up Tattoo Artists in action, because I am busy watching this:

The Walking Dead

I had a completely irrational fear of Zombies, I believe from seeing a zombie film when I was very young.  I heard everyone rave about the Walking Dead so decided to give it ago.  Season one I watched from behind my hands.  Much of season two I watched on fast forward.  By season three I was starting to wonder how people so stupid were still alive in a Zombie apocalypse.  Seasons four, five and six I started to empathise more and more with the Zombies.  Now it is season seven I am actually rooting for them.

Moto GP, BSB, TT.

Is motorcycles going around in circles, if you get it you get it.  If you don’t give it a try you will more than likely like it.  It starts soon.  DO NOT DISTURB me when it is on.  This is my special time.


Always recorded and watched on a Sunday morning should I get the day off.

Ex on the Beach

I don’t know how or why I started watching this, I believe it was by accident.  What a wonderful show.  Take a bunch of fame hungry but basically talentless individuals, lock them in a Villa, add alcohol and who knows what else and then throw in a few fully primed vengeful ex boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s.  This is quality entertainment; feelings get hurt, chests get puffed up and they all burst into tears before heading off home for mummy or daddy ( or their agent ) to buy them a new Rolex.  I laugh hysterically at these people.

(Rolex may want to consider paying them to wear another brand, I used to aspire to owning a Rolex, not anymore.)

Eagle Back Piece Tattooing

But then I stopped laughing. MTV have just launched a new show, it appears that they have realised that these fame junkies will do absolutely anything to stay in the spotlight.  “Just Tattoo of Us” is MTV’s  latest offering featuring these F list celebrities.  The format appears to come straight from Nazi Germany or perhaps some of the seedier tourist resorts in the far East?

Basically someone gets a tattoo they did not choose, have not seen and will not see until it is done.   

The “Tattoo Artists” involved are not Tattooers.  They are scratchers.  I don’t care what their work is like, I don’t care who they have tattooed or how many “awards” they have won.  I bet myself a cheese sandwich they all use plug and play fisher price rotaries.  They have no morals, no standards and no integrity.  They are prepared to maim and disfigure people for profit, fame and gain.  Because putting a permanent mark on someone that they don’t want is going to be life changing.

The “Artists” signed for Just Tattoo of Us are scratchers, they are no better than the kid in the kitchen pouring used ink back into the bottle.

And if the “contestants” think that laser is the answer to all of their problems, they will soon find that finding a good laser operator is just like finding a decent tattoo artist…good luck.

And that is my opinion of this MTV effort and the “scratchers” involved.  I will not be viewing it and there is no need to ask my opinion of it.

So if you’re coming in for a tattoo please don’t ask me if I watch “Just Tattoo of Us” I would much prefer you just eat my brain.