A popular image for many reasons, find out the meaning behind Iaint’s Snake and Dagger Tattoo Design.

You might have seen the image of a Snake and Dagger, not just in Tattooing but also in every day life.   You might be surprised by the meaning of the image.   If you like Iaint’s version it get in touch to get this Snake and Dagger Tattoo Design inked!

Snake and Dagger Tattoo Design Meaning

Snake and Dagger Tattoo Design

Snakes are a common image seen in Tattoos.  Despite the obvious meaning of snakes being associated with danger, temptation and vindictiveness this isn’t always the case.  In fact, snakes can have many positive meanings.  For example, the can be seen as a sign of Nobility and intellect, sometimes even fertility and sexual energy.  

In this case, the snake is a Pagan symbol of Rebirth and Healing.  Which ties in to the Greek symbology of a Snake and Dagger. 

The Snake and Dagger is seen as a sign in current culture as a medical symbol.  Just take a look at the well known Star of Life that represents the emergency medical services world wide.   This originates from Asclepius the Greek God of Medicine and Healing. He held the Rod of Asclepius which was intertwined with a Serpent.  

Iaint has combined the snake with a more unique Dagger, a Tibetan Phurba dagger (also known as a Magic Dagger).  This Dagger, used in Buddhist rituals, has a three sides used to represent bringing together the three spirit worlds.  The three segments also represent the power of the Phurba to transform negative energies.  These energies are known as the ‘three poisons’ which are are attachment, ignorance, and aversion.

Often used during ceremonies, the Phurba dagger is seen as a sign of stability.  It is also thought that the dagger can hold demons in place. 

Therefore the Snake and Dagger Tattoo design by Iaint symbolises stability and the power to overcome demons – internally in someone, or those faced externally – with the ability to heal, learn and rebuild.  

If you are looking for a Tattoo that symbolises positivity and healing then this Snake and Dagger Tattoo could be perfect for you. 

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