Want to get tattooed but can’t get in to the Studio during our opening times?  Iaint is now offering Sunday & Evening Tattoo Sessions

We are always busy here at I Ain’t No Saint with certain popular times being booked quite far in advance.   Our customers are busy people too and we regularly get asked for evening and Sunday appointments.

Christmas Colour Special

Iaint charges £100 an hour on Sunday’s and after 6pm on a weekday.  He does not do Saturday or Sunday evening appointments.

Roaring Regal Lion Tattoo

This doesn’t affect the normal hourly rate of £80 an hour for Tattoos booked during our regular opening hours of 11am-5.30pm Monday to Saturday.

Evening Tattoo session

So if you would like to get booked in, whether it be during our regular opening hours or one of our Sunday and evening tattoo sessions, get in touch or come and have a chat with us in the Studio.