What do you specialise in is a question that I have been often asked.  The answer has always been “nothing”.  I was taught that as a Tattoo Artist one needed to be versatile and do what comes through the door…..Tattoos MotoGP TT Tattoos could be a new thing.

That will of course continue until the day I put down my tattoo machine.  That said I have had a revelation recently and in hindsight it all seems so obvious.

A contact of mine from my brief but spectacular career racing pit bikes came to the Studio last week.  He had very kindly volunteered to let me do a Valentino Rossi piece on his leg.  The idea behind this tattoo was so that I could practice some colour realism work.  I keep seeing it online, feel that I am capable of doing good examples given the time needed to complete such a tattoo.


I am already doing a colour realism example on Anna our piercer, soon to be revealed.

Darren from Minature Parts in Bristol, a racer, was happy to volunteer.  But when he arrived we had two problems: The first was a very decent black and grey portrait of Joey Dunlop right next to where I wanted to stick a full colour Valentino.  The second was the placement, back of calf.

The back of the calf is no laughing matter.  People take it lightly until they have it tattooed, I guess people think that because there is no bone there it will be sweet.  There are however a lot of nerve endings in a big fat calf muscle.

Having very recently had my calf tattooed by our guest artist for June, Mr Dano Collins I knew that Darren was going to struggle to sit for the work we had planned in one session.  I also knew deep down that Darren’s plans to complete a Black and Grey leg full of racing heroes would be negatively affected with a great big full colour Rossi piece right in the centre of his calf.

For these reasons we decided to do a black and grey piece.

I Aint No Saint Tattoo Studio

I am not one of those “rockstar” Artists who talk customers into ridiculous tattoos in order to satisfy their own ego and portfolio.  A Black and Grey piece was right for Darren’s leg, so that is what we did.

I have not finished with the “rockstars” yet; check the blog later in the week for my thoughts on the latest bunch of celebrity tattooers and their new show.

We used the same stencil that we would have used for the colour realism piece.  It was quite complex and took me over an hour to line.  The piece wasn’t lined in black, it was lined in various shades of grey.

After five hours of quite detailed tattooing, we got all of the black and grey shade into the piece. Darren and his leg had done their best for the day and all in all it was a great sit.


We have another session of highlights to do so Darren will be making the trip back to the Studio soon.  We also started discussing all manner of other Tattoos MotoGP TT Tattoos, so we will see where that goes.

I have been watching Moto GP and the TT all my life.  As a child I met racers such as Mick Grant, Paul Smart and Barry Sheene.  I was at the Isle of Man TT when Mike “the bike” Hailwood made his return on the Ducati.  As an adult I painted crash helmets for James Haydon and Tom Sykes to name but a couple.  I occasionally tattoo and keep in touch with BSB star Jason O’Halloran who kindly donated his leathers and the target to get in them for my mini bike racing.  And I raced one season of British Superstocks where I found that I was fast enough to retire.

The point to all of this is that I did not have to jump on Google and check for reference when Darren started talking of his future tattoo plans.  It was already in my head as I have been looking at these images for ever.

When a friend of Darren’s got in touch with his plans for a race sleeve, the design process was very straightforward, I knew exactly what questions to ask in order to find out what he really wanted.  Already very excited to be working on this new project.

All in all a great days tattooing and one of the most fun days I have had in the Studio.  So if asked what I specialise in?  My new answer will be: Tattoos MotoGP TT Tattoos.  I am keen to do more.  So as a special offer anyone booking in for my new specialist subject will be able to get their work done at £60 an hour instead of my usual charge of £80 per hour.  This offer is only for new pieces of work on clean skin. 

This only applies to Tattoos MotoGP TT Tattoos or any other Motorcycle racing Tattoos.