A first Tattoo for this customer was this British Bulldog Tattoo; a piece of artwork that our artist Iain enjoyed tattooing.  Take a closer look below…

It’s been a while since Iain did a bulldog, and this one was a nice change to the old school cartoon style of British Bulldog Tattoo. 

The customer had been wanting a tattoo for a while and when he came across the artwork of this British Bulldog he knew he had found what he was looking for.  A bit of a different take on the normal British Bulldog, he brought it in to the I Ain’t No Saint Tattoo Studio and booked in. 

For Iain, this tattoo played to his strengths – Iain enjoys doing realistic animal tattoos.  Usually, Iain does not add colour to a Black and Grey tattoo; it can look out of place and not work well with the rest of the Tattoo.  However the red in the crown works well and will keep a timeless but vibrant look to this piece.  

Done in two sessions, the linework and Black and Grey shade went in first.  On the second appointment Iain added the colour to the crown and white highlights to make the whole thing pop. 

We are getting some interesting Tattoos done in the I Ain’t No Saint Studio recently.  Some are ideas brought in by customers and others come from our customers giving Iain a free hand to create pieces for them like this Skull Grenade Tattoo

Why not have a look at Iain’s gallery to get some ideas.  Then get in contact with us by coming in to the Studio or via our contact form and get yourself booked in for some new ink!