Once again we have been subject to a burglary at I Ain’t No Saint Tattoo Studio…

For the second time in 6 months we were targeted by burglars here at I Ain’t No Saint.  

In the late hours of Tuesday 23rd January Iain was contacted by the Police to alert him to a burglary they were responding to at the Studio.   Upon arrival Iain was greeted to the scene : a smashed front door, police cars surrounding the Studio and the sounds of the Police helicopter circling the area.  

One suspect had already been apprehended by Police on foot and another was being searched for.  Fortunately PD Harley from the dog unit had been set out with his handler to search for the second perpetrator, who was soon caught too.  This was PD Harley’s first arrest after graduating and he seemed very pleased with himself. 

The Police were alerted by one of our neighbours who we are very grateful to.  They heard the noise caused when the door was smashed and noticed something wasn’t right.  The Police were in the area and were able to respond to the call within 45 seconds.

This did not, unfortunately, stop the thieves from managing to cause destruction to both the outside and inside of the Studio.  To be frank – the Studio looked like a bomb site.  On the plus side, once again nothing was taken and the thieves did get arrested.

On Wednesday we had a visit from the forensic team, who were able to get some good evidence.  We were also able to retrieve CCTV of the break in – before the cables were ripped out of the wall.  All of this was passed on to the DC in charge of the investigation. Subsequently the two arrested were charged, plead guilty and have been remanded in custody until their court date. 

We would like to thank all of the local people of Abbots Langley for their continued vigilance, to all of our customers for their kind words and support at this time and also to Hertfordshire Police who have dealt with the case quickly and thoroughly.