“I am fond of pigs.  Dogs look up to us.  Cats look down on us.  Pigs treat us as equals.”  So said Winston Churchill, so who am I to argue?

He was, of course, a great wartime leader.  And currently I am at war with Google, Facebook, Instagram et al.

I Ain’t No Saint is not some huge imposing blue-chip brand.  So why do these companies feel that they can charge us as such for advertising?  We don’t advertise often.  However when we do, I find the little sliding scale things that encourage you to spend more so that more people “interact” with you to be something of a con.  And when an invoice comes from a large company in some distant EU country with a tinpot Parliament that has given them a tax break?  I pretty much lose my s***.

The observant among you will notice that I have recently been airing opinions via the news page of this very website.  It’s been pretty easy so far thanks to a break in at the Studio and the subsequent news that this has generated.

It’s called “lifestyle blogging” apparently.  It is, as far as I can ascertain, the only way to get to the top of the search engine charts without paying a fortune to any of these dot coms.  Allegedly.

“Lifestyle blogs are oftentimes highly personalised to the authors stage and experience of life.  A lifestyle blogger is by definition, a curator of personal interests and daily activities”

The beauty of “lifestyle” blogging is that I do not try to sell you anything.  So no talk of awesome Tattoos, fantastical Piercings, the best Vape equipment or amazing Custom Paint all professionally dished up at a very reasonable price.  No, none of that, because that would be selling to you.  And I am NOT, I repeat not selling to you.  I am “sharing”…. I am “sharing” my “wisdom” with you.

My wisdom is screaming that “you would be mad to miss out on the great deals at I Ain’t No Saint!”  But I must resist the obvious and share some “personal” wisdom and insights with you in order to bond and create empathy.

Where to start?  I could start with a rant about how I remember the days when I used to sell a service and people just tend to buy it but I feel that may be counter productive in this day and age.  So instead I will discuss something “trendy” that I have stumbled on by sheer fluke.


There I said it.  Funnily enough it’s one of the first things I say upon meeting people now.   Strange because that voice inside my head says “knob” every time I do it but I can’t seem to stop myself.  It’s been six months now; why did I go vegan?  Health and fitness really.  It seemed logical to try it given my interest in food and nutrition.  Once tried there was no going back, it really is a game changer.

If you have actually read this far and are now thinking “oh ffs I really fancied getting a Tattoo off this guy but he’s a vegan?!”  Don’t panic, I will still point you towards the best bacon sandwich in the village.  For that matter the thing I miss most about eating meat is triggering vegans on Facebook and Twitter.  You’re still in safe hands.

Furthermore, I am not going to launch into my recipe book just yet.  Although when it comes to vegan inventions for the single cave man: I have my “s**t together” even if I do say so myself.  No for this “lifestyle” post I am just going to leave you with three famous vegans that I most admire: The Silver back gorilla, the elephant and the hippopotamus.  


It seems almost a bizarre coincidence that all of the pictures attached would make great tattoos*!  Well hopefully that’s enough “food for thought” to leave you with, I could not resist the pun.  With any luck it has also satisfied the Google bots and saved me £200 in advertising money.

Most importantly of all, it may just buy me enough breathing space to develop both a “life” and a “style” before my next post…..

*Should you actually be interested in getting one of these images Tattooed I’d be happy to do them as a special deal…  All of these images have the ability to fit an arm to a full back piece.  That makes it pretty difficult to give any specific prices, as well as whether you’d want the tattoo Black and Grey or Colour etc.  These pieces need to be a good size, but I can say that for ‘normal’ size & placement they would range between £160-£320.  So come in to the Studio and discuss which piece you would like, where it is going and we can get some new ink booked in and sorted…