Iaint is now taking commissions for custom paint airbrush work.  He is currently working on his portfolio to demonstrate exactly what you can expect from his work… 

Iaint will be specialising in small items, no bigger than a crash helmet or a guitar body.  These pieces can be commissioned for him to work on.  With other commitments, Tattooing at I Ain’t No Saint being a big one, he will not be working to deadlines.  If you are interested in getting some custom paint work done you can get on the waiting list for a £50 deposit.  When Iaint has worked through to your place in the list, he will give you a call and ask for the item to be brought to him.  That way the item you want to receive custom paint will only be with him for as long as it is being painted (i.e. the item would only be with Iaint for the weeks it is being airbrushed).

All of Iaint’s custom paint work is all done with the airbrush.  He does not use any vinyl.  That includes all logos, straight lines – everything is hand airbrushed.  Then when he lacquers the item it results in an old school billiard ball, glass finish.

Our spray booth currently only accommodates smaller items.  However if you are getting a larger item (eg a vehicle) painted and want some custom paint done, Iaint is happy to take his custom paint kit outside of his own set up.  This fully mobile service is available only for airbrush work; Iaint will be able to arrive at a spray booth and do the custom paint work but will not be applying any lacquer.  Therefore the premises he does the custom paint at will need to be able to lacquer/clear coat the item. 

Custom Paint Helmet in Progress by Iaint NosaintCustom Paint skate deck by Iaint Nosaint

Iaint only does 2 types of custom paint : race paint and show paint.  There is very little difference in price or quality, however the build (layers of paint) and lacquer on a race helmet has been thoroughly thought out to save as much weight as possible, adding the minimum amount to the helmet. 

Want to get some Custom Paint by Iaint Nosaint?  The Diary is now open for November 2017.  Contact us now to get the ball rolling on your own custom piece…