This Custom Painted Skateboard Deck was painted by our Artist Iain for fellow Tattoo Artist Lal Hardy.  Take a look at the detail that Iain creates with his airbrush work…

Our Artist Iain visited world renowned Tattoo Artist Lal Hardy last summer.  They spent the afternoon together due to Lal’s kind hospitality and since their meeting they have kept in contact.

When Iain has picked up his airbrushes again and after working on a few projects he wanted to do some portraits.  That’s when an idea popped into his head – why not do a portrait of Lal and his dog Brutus.  So that’s what he did!

Custom Painted Skateboard Deck by Iaint Nosaint in Progress

As two instantly recognisable subjects, Iain picked two images to use.  Iain needed to make sure to get a good likeness for both portraits, as both Brutus and Lal are both distinctive.  He decided that one of the skate decks he has would be a great canvas for this piece.  The Custom Painted Skateboard deck is a unique basis for custom paint work and can be displayed easily on a wall – much better than conventional canvas!

Iaint included Lal Hardy’s Tattoo Studio New Wave Tattoo at the top of the deck in hand painted lettering as well as adding in another of Lal’s loves : a Tottenham FC badge to the bottom of the deck.  Not only this but the Big Smoke can be made out in the background too. 

Once complete, Iain decided to send the Custom Painted Skateboard Deck to Lal.  So if you’re in North London and want to see some of Iain’s Custom Paint work book in for a Tattoo with Lal at New Wave Tattoo, Muswell Hill.

Custom Painted Skateboard Deck by Iaint Nosaint

There are more Custom Paint work by Iain available in our online store.  Or why not commission your own piece of Custom Paint work! Get in contact with us today.