Local Barber Spencer got in touch with us and made us aware that the latest craze in Barbering is customised Clippers. So we decided to do a couple of sets of his Wall Clippers just to see how they came out.

They came out pretty well!

If you are after a set of custom painted Wahl clippers then get in touch via our contact page.  At the moment you will either need to take the back cover, or “lid” from your clippers to send to me for painting.  I am working on getting spare parts so that I can offer bespoke clipper covers for sale through the online shop, but it is still early days.

The clippers pictured are all airbrushed also known as custom painted.  Back in the 70’s and early 80’s custom paint was at its pinnacle in the UK and very popular.  A custom painted Ford Anglia van covered in bubbles and the such like would have got you noticed!  Through the 90’s I concentrated on painting crash helmets and then mobile phones, so custom painted Wahl Clippers will be a natural progression for me.  “Painted” is the key word here; there are no stickers or transfers on my custom painted wall clippers, it is all airbrushed.  The airbrush is a very precise and very small spray gun that can spray a pencil line.

You can have your custom painted Wahl Clippers anyway you like them.  If you want something bespoke but understated then why not a nice Colour of your choice and some initials?  Or you may prefer something more flamboyant, in which case the only real limitation is your imagination and my skills.  Perhaps you own a Barber Shop or even a chain of Barber Shops?  A small production run of custom painted Wahl Clippers displaying your company logo, perhaps personalised for each member of staff, would be both great advertising and a nice reward or incentive.

Thanks to 14 years experience working with coil Tattoo Machines I have learnt a thing or two.  If you would like the whole body of the clippers painting then send me the complete clippers.  At the same time as painting, I will apply to the inner workings the same “hot rod” cleaning technique I use on my Tattoo Machines.

Get in touch if you desire custom painted Wahl Clippers, I really enjoy working on them.