Returning customer Daniel booked in for one of Iain’s Half Day sessions to get this Day of the Dead Woman Tattoo.  Take a look at the finished piece…

Daniel came in to the Studio back in December to get his first tattoo after turning 18.  Being a musician – a drummer to be exact – he asked Iain to create a Drumming Skeleton Tattoo.  Deciding he wanted to get his first Tattoo done and finished in one session Daniel booked in for one of Iain’s half Day Sessions. 

Half day sessions are 5 hour appointments for the price of 4 hours.  Iain can get quite a lot done in a half day session and they have proved to be a big hit with our customers.

So when booking Daniel decided to take the plunge again and book in for another half day session to get a Day of the Dead Woman Tattoo.  He sent over reference images to give us an example of the type of portrait he would like.  From these images Iain was able to create the right artwork not only to fit the brief but to fit the placement of inside forearm. 

On the day, our customer Daniel was prepared for his half day session.  He had had an early night the night before, a good breakfast before coming to the I Ain’t No Saint Studio and had made sure he was prepared for the session.  

Once in the chair the time flew by, with Iain enjoying doing this Day of the Dead Woman Tattoo while Daniel relaxed in the chair. 

Have you fancied getting a Day of the Dead Tattoo too?  Come in to the I Ain’t no Saint Studio or get in contact with us now!

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