One of our regular customers recently booked in to get a full colour Dog Portrait Tattoo of his Chow Chow.  Check it out!

This client, Martin, has been in for a few different Tattoos here at I Ain’t No Saint.  First of all he came in for a cover up, why Iain really enjoyed doing as it was such a unique piece.

Martin’s bug for getting tattoos seemed to have been revived as he has gone on to have is chest done and a snake and dagger tattoo by Iain too. 


More recently we received an email containing some pictures of Martins dog.   He had been talking to Iain about getting a tattoo of his dog Bear as a colour realistic portrait Tattoo.  Bear is a Chow Chow dog and Martin had managed to get some great pictures to send over.

Iain looked through the images that had been sent.  He picked out the one that would make the best Tattoo – some of the pictures were fantastic pictures but just wouldn’t have tattooed up well, so it was good that a selection had been sent. 

The dog portrait tattoo was done in 2 sessions: in the first Iain did the black work and grey shade in two hours.  The second was putting in the colour, finishing touches and white highlights.  

This Dog portrait Tattoo was right up Iain’s street : not only does he want to do more colour pieces, but he also really enjoys doing animal and wildlife tattoos

So if you fancy getting booked in for you next Tattoo come in to the Studio or contact us now!  And if you would like to see more of Iain’s work check our his gallery here