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The Evolution is of I Aint No Saint is underway, but wait!  There’s more…

Since the Lease ended on the Studio Iain and I have been busy.  Busy preparing for the next steps of the I Aint No Saint evolution.

You may have read in this last post about what Iain is up to – focussing on his new On The Road Tattoo Project and giving more time to his Custom Paint work.  But the evolution of I Aint No Saint does not stop there.

I have also got some plans bubbling away that will be coming in to fruition very soon.  Firstly, the I Aint No Smoker website is up and running.  For all of our regular Vape customers we have all of your favourite products that used to be stocked in the Studio and many more. 

To make sure we don’t leave any of you without Vape supplies I am also offering free delivery to the local area (post codes WD5, WD4, WD25, WD24 & WD17) so just select your favourites, at the checkout select the option for free delivery, et voila – your favourite Vape products will be delivered direct to your door!

But that is not all!  I am extremely excited to announce my very own Vape project, which has been under wraps for a little while…but now is the time to announce The Vape Vanette by I Aint No Smoker.

Think a grown up Ice Cream Van mixed with a Pop-Up shop – the Vape Van is a mobile Vape shop ready to stop by at Offices, Business Parks and more to service you, your staff and customers.  If this is a service you would be interested in please contact me at

I was lucky enough to be the first client in the On The Road Tattoo Studio recently.  I’m hesitant to call it a ‘Mobile Tattoo Studio’ because the images you imagine of a mobile Tattoo Studio just don’t do it justice – I actually think the new Studio is nicer than the old one.  it has such a calming, chilled vibe and the space in the Truck is just as big as the Studio.

Watching the On the Road Studio being built, from when Iain first bought the Van until now there were times when to be quite honest, I didn’t think it would ever happen!  But last week I was back in the chair getting tattooed.  Since the Wrexham Tattoo Convention Iain has been promising to reline my foot Tattoo.  In the Studio with everything going on there was never time to do it.  In fact, I have been asked so many times by customers if I want or have plans for more Tattoos – that’s a silly question; of course I do!  We have so many plans for pieces but have just never been able to take the time to do them being tied to the Studio and Retail life.

Now with more flexibility there will hopefully be a lot more opportunity for some bigger pieces for Iain and I to crack on with – make sure you check out On The Road to keep abreast of all of the adventures and Tattoos Iain will be doing and fingers crossed you will see some new bits on me in the near future!

It was really nice to be in the new Studio and be the first person to get Tattooed there.  There were no distractions; it really is a Tattoo Studio like no other. 

So, if you have been looking for an exclusive, private Studio that you can just relax in the On The Road Tattoo is for you.  And for all of our regular customers wanting to book back in, make sure you get in contact with Iain, bookings are being taken from November onwards and I really think you will enjoy getting your work done in the On The Road Tattoo Truck.