What is a Faux Rook piercing I hear you ask?  Well read on to find out and see if it should be your next piercing!

Let’s begin with what a Rook piercing is.  A Rook piercing is a piercing through the fold of skin above the ear canal and inner conch.  It is pierced with a curved Barbell which can be seen above and below the piercing. 

Rook piercings are pierced through a thicker part of the ear cartilage than other piercings so Rook Piercings can take a longer time to heal than other ear piercings.  

Due to the style of the rook piercing the ear must have the right shape to allow for it to be pierced.  This means that there are some people who cannot have a Rook piercing. 

This is where the Faux Rook Piercing comes in to play.  Firstly, if you cannot get a Rook Piercing due to your unique ear anatomy, but still like the look, then a Faux Rook Piercing is a great option!

This is what we did for fabulous regular customer Lianne.  She had her heart set on a rook piercing, but there just wasn’t enough space to perform the piercing.  If a Rook Piercing is performed and there isn’t enough room for it, then there is a likelihood that the piercing will grow or rip out.  This would cause scarring and would not be a positive piercing experience. 

So, we decided to perform a Faux Rook Piercing instead!  The Faux Rook is placed above the fold in the cartilage, but is pierced with a straight bar.  The bar goes through from front to back on the ear similar to an outer cartilage (helix) piercing and many others. 

Anatomy that doesn’t suit a piercing is not the only reason to get a Faux Rook Piercing.  The lovely Laura came in to get a new piercing after she saw our jewellery selection at I Ain’t No Saint. 

Her friend was pierced by Anna who chose to upgrade her jewellery, when Laura saw it she realised it was very similar to something she had seen on Pinterest.  So she came in, knew exactly what jewellery she wanted and had a chat with Anna as to the placement. 

The jewellery Laura chose was one of the 5 stone cluster attachments that we have here at I Ain’t No Saint.  She wanted to have it along the ridge where a rook piercing would normally be.  To make sue the Jewellery worked with the shape of the ear we went for a faux rook piercing to get the placement perfect.

Like the idea of a Faux Rook Piercing?  Come in to the I Ain’t No Saint Studio and get it done!  

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