Want a new Tattoo but not quite sure what to do next? Or think you need a Tattoo Consultation?  Read on to find out what to do…

So you’ve decided you’d like a new Tattoo.  

You’ve got some ideas.  You’ve checked out Iaint’s work.   And you’ve decided you want to get it done here at the I Ain’t No Saint Studio.  What comes next? 

The best thing to do is to come in to the Studio to have a chat.  Bring with you any reference pictures you have – please try to bring pictures of art rather than other peoples tattoos.  That way we can understand exactly what you would like done, where and discuss what will work and what won’t.  We don’t charge to chat (tattoo consultation) and you have no obligation to book in. 


Our artist Iaint is happy to talk while working.  Please be patient when you come in though, if he is working as his main focus is always the customer in the chair – don’t worry, if you book in that will be you during your appointment too.  

The best time to come in to talk with him is between 10.30 & 3.30pm Monday to Saturday.  It is always a good idea to give us a call before coming in to the Studio – that way you can make sure you will catch Iaint when he is here.  And once you have had the tattoo consultation, we will be able to discuss taking a deposit and sort out booking you in.

Iaint works at a rate of £80 an hour during our opening times.  Our minimum charge for tattoos is £80.  Want to know why?  Take a look at this post.  If you want to get booked in but can’t book during the opening hours Iaint does offer out of hours bookings on Sundays and weeknights for bigger pieces.  These are charged at an out of hours rate of £100 an hour. 

Cover Up Tattoo I Aint No Saint

If you really can’t make it down to the Studio during those times please contact us here.  These are the two best ways to sort out getting booked for a Tattoo.  

Please be aware that asking for quotes, prices and bookings over the phone you will always be asked to either come in or email. 

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