Iain was asked by customer Sam to create a chest piece that incorporated a large freehand script Tattoo as part of it…

Sam booked in for a full chest tattoo after being given a Gift Voucher from his wife.  They have a family member who is a regular customer of the I Ain’t No Saint Studio.  As Sam had been saying for a while that he wanted his Chest Tattooed, his wife Karen decided to But one of our Gift Vouchers to start off the process. 

Voucher in hand, Sam came to book in.  He had some reference images that he gave Iain as a starting point.  After discussing the design and booking in Iain set about creating artwork. 

A few weeks before his first appointment Sam was able to come in and view the artwork for his Tattoo.  However, it would only be the first part, the angel.  For the second Iain planned on doing a freehand script tattoo for the name Sam wanted to include. 

With the first part done and healed nicely with our very own Tattoo Aftercare Super Tattoo Sauce Sam was back in for the script. 


Iain started with pen, and drew the script freehand onto the skin.  He repeated the process 3 times, making each version neater.   Sam was able to see all stages to make sure he was happy with the way the freehand was going. 

Once the freehand script tattoo had been finished in pen, it was time to put it in permanently with ink.  

For the shade, Iain decided to use similar shading to that of the angel he did in the first session.  This was to make sure both parts would have a similar look and tie together.  It also makes the Freehand Script Tattoo look integrated with the rest and not too overbearing.

This piece still needs to be highlighted and have the finishing touches added. 

If you like this piece why not check out some more of Iain’s work here.  Or if you want to get booked in for a freehand script tattoo why not come in to the Studio to book in or contact us now.