The tattooing has already started in the Ramsey studio. I did a couple of bits during the week and from today it looks as if I am pretty much full time again.

The tattoo section of the studio is pretty much sorted, we even have the flat screen up and running, there is still plenty of fine tuning to do, and lots of work to do to the front of the shop but I can say that we are definitly openish.

Had a session on a regular customer today. The existing work is not mine but we have had to rework and refresh some of it, now we are on to the clean skin.

For polynesian style, tribal and Japanese work I often freehand. This means that I draw the design on the skin using skin pens and then wehen we are happy we tattoo.

Its a good way to work and it helps make the design flow with and fit the body well. We got the lower arm lined up this morning in a session.

Reasons to visit Ramsey...

Its pretty cool in the mornings.

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