“No one should drive a hard bargain with an artist”: Beck. Thankfully here at I Aint No Saint you don’t have to.  Not only are our Tattoo and Piercing prices very fair for our quality of work, we also do some killer high quality merchandise at a very reasonable price.  So when we say “SALE!” you know it’s going to be good!

Well this one is going to be legendary!  I have been working on a new logo and look for I Aint No Saint for quite a while now, there is nothing wrong with our retro Devil’s Head, everyone likes it and it still looks great on our merchandise.  But now that we are diversifying into other areas – such as airbrush and custom paint.  We needed a logo that reflects all of our activities, and that finally clicked into place a couple of weeks back.

So we have been working for the last coupe of weeks on all the prototypes for the new merchandise and we have some really nice stuff in the pipeline.

We do have one slight problem: We do not publicise it, (although we will in the future) but we actually do all of our own T Shirt design and print in house.  That’s right I have all the equipment necessary in my workshop and we have suppliers for all of the right labels of clothing.  This means that we always have a really good level of stock in the Studio.

It’s a small Studio.

So when I decide to suddenly change all of the branding and all of the merchandise we find that we have nowhere to put the ‘new stuff’.

So we are having a clear out: a massive Sale on original I Aint No Saint T Shirts.  These are the last ones in these designs and when they’re gone they are gone, there will be no more!

Usually our T Shirts retail at £10 each, for our clearance sale we are dong T Shirts at £5 each or 3 for £12.50…that is below cost price.

Come and bag a massive bargain in the Studio all of our shirts are printed on soft, high quality T Shirt’s.  Sizes range from XS-2XL in different colours and designs but hurry because stock is limited!

This offer is only available in the Studio…see you soon.  Don’t worry if you’re too late, we will have new stuff!

And if you are in the market for high quality T Shirt design and print then why not give us a shout.  We are pretty good at it even if we say so ourselves!