With our second Convention done, find out how it went at the Halloween Tattoo Bash from both Iaint and Anna’s perspective…After just over a 2 hour drive we arrived the night before to set up.  Although half of the booths weren’t set up there were some stands already had impressive Halloween decor which set a great mood for the weekend.  Once we had got our booth all set, we went to get an early night.  I was getting another session in on my Unicorn leg piece (artwork by Christopher Lovell) the following day so both Iaint and myself needed to be well rested for the day ahead.

Drove to Wolverhampton having never been there before. Approached with the usual pessimism so as not to be disappointed. Upon arrival I was more than pleasantly surprised it seemed quite nice. The locals confirmed that is was indeed very nice, everyone we met was friendly and Wolverhampton had a really cool vibe. I don’t actually remember anything relevant from Friday night which is not unusual for me so you will have to take Anna’s version of events as factual…. I am.

On Saturday morning we sat down to Tattoo. Starting at just gone 10am when the doors opened to the public.  We decided that if I could sit then we would get all the black work finished that day. So that’s exactly what we did.

Apparently I made promises I was unlikely to keep on Saturday morning: I was about to attack all of the detail on Anna’s unicorn and had given myself only one out “if you are able to sit for it”.  As much as I would like to claim that getting tattooed by me is like “getting kissed by an angel” I have a sneaking suspicion that it is not the case.  It doesn’t seem to bother Anna who can sit for hour upon hour.  At the Blackpool convention someone came up and poked her in the arm to “check she wasn’t dead” which made me chuckle.  I had my work cut out for the day ahead.

Iaint tattooed for 6 hours on my leg – not including breaks – and finally just before 7pm we were done. This called for one thing – food. With the time I was getting tattooed being put to good use, I had managed to find the best rated (from all reliable online sources) Caribbean takeaway in Wolverhampton. So we left the convention for the night, took a quick detour to get some frozen peas to ice my leg(!) and arrived at Cool Runnings. With luck on our side, they did everything we wanted so we made sure to fill up. The reviews I had spent time finding during the day were slightly misleading…many people suggested the portion sizes were small for the price.  Of course, we ordered an extra portion to rice & peas to make sure we didn’t go hungry. However, we needn’t have worried, as we had forgotten we weren’t within the m25 bubble anymore and that a ‘large’ portion really does mean large…

Well that went better than expected. To be honest it was a nice peaceful sit. We were left alone and the Saturday seemed quiet, even though I did not really look up. The booth was positioned so that it was not that easy for people to view the work I was doing which also meant I had no one looking over my shoulder.  So got a real good bit of speed up as the day went on.  When done it was time to “eat till dem belly full”.  Amazingly we had a choice of several vital outlets for my fix of rice and pea. I say amazingly, as even though I live within spitting distance of London I actually have to drive there for decent rice and pea.

Sunday was a more chilled out day for both Iaint and myself.  The convention wasn’t overly crowded, which meant that we were able to take time to talk to other artists and the public.  Iaint got to do a nice geometric design on the back of a lady’s arm too.

I only did a “banger” on the back of the tricep on Sunday. I turned away the chance to do some fingers, micro images on fingers is not my thing, too “old school” ; if i am not convinced it will hold I would rather pass. I explained this to the client who was really cool about it and thanked me for my honesty….. he didn’t burst into tears, take to face-book or slander me all over Wolverhampton just for saying “no”….. I can’t tell you how refreshing that was! I spent the rest of the day wandering around, chilling, chatting with other artists, picking up and sharing some tips and tricks.  I enjoyed my afternoon and we were packed up nice and early and on the way home in time for tea.


All in all a successful trip, which just means…bring on Wrexham!

I really liked Wolverhampton, thank you to all the people we met. The convention was really cool and really well organised and I hope that we will be putting in another appearance next year.  It was a very cool weekend!  Off to Wrexham Tattoo Show next weekend already looking forward to a four hour drive!