Hot off the heels of our first day out to Blackpool, we are about to do our second convention of the new campaign.  It’s the Wolverhampton Tattoo Convention and it’s called the Halloween Tattoo Bash.

We are expecting good things from this convention.  It’s run by someone who is highly regarded in the industry, it’s well established and it’s over-subscribed ( we were lucky to get a cancellation ).

Blackpool was a good test for us, it was hard work.  It raised a few eyebrows and questions in our team, it tested us and we were way out of our comfort zone.  But we had a pretty good time when all was said and done. 

We intend to be a bit more organised for the Wolverhampton Tattoo Convention : Halloween Tattoo Bash. 

Getting some skin organised would be a good start.  If you would like to book in with me then please get in touch.  At present I have at least one full day free.  So have a look at the reference in this post, just a few bits and bobs for inspiration with a slight halloween feel.  See something you like?  Then there will be a deal to be had.

I will once again be working on Anna’s leg project for a least a day.  I do not get a chance when in the Studio.  it’s a good project to show off what i can do with a coil machine.  Anna sits like “the dead”  bless her so she is a perfect model for conventions.  Progress so far is pictured below:

A lot more work goes into the conventions than we anticipated.  But the silver lining is that they are a lot more fun than we had anticipated.  In the midst of all our preparation we have a little side project that is taking up a lot of our time : The Stealth Project.  I am not going to say too much about that other than it complicates our preparation but could end up being a blessing for us on our convention quest.

We are no longer active on social media.  Our pages are still up but didn’t all the politics get a little bit “long”?  So please feel free to have a good look at the website you’re on.  Make sure you come back daily as this is where we are spending all of our time now.  We have loads going on and we not only want to share the news with our chosen few but we want to involve as many of you as possible.