This dainty Freesia Tattoo is a simple but effective small Tattoo done here at I Ain’t No Saint near Hatfield Tattoo Studio.

This customer booked in for a small Freesia tattoo outline on her wrist.  She wasn’t able to come in to the I Ain’t No Saint near Hatfield Tattoo Studio to book in.  Instead, she got in contact through our contact form.  Fortunately the brief was easily conveyed through email.  We were able to book her in with a clear understanding of what she wanted. 

With small tattoos like this one, there is only a certain size they can go before becoming too small.  If sized too small, over time the Tattoo will close up (due to the natural ageing process of the body) and turn into a mush.  To avoid this, the Tattoo needs to be a certain size.  And unfortunately one size does not fit all – every different design will have different minimum sizes due to the detail and complexity of the piece. 

Iaint has a saying in the I Ain’t No Saint near Hatfield Tattoo Studio that he “does not do microscopic tattooing”.  When you get a Tattoo done in the Studio we don’t just want you to be happy with it when you walk out, but for many years to come.  So please understand that the ‘minimum size’ of the piece that you want is to make sure that you are not wasting your money and time on a tattoo that will not look good in the future. 

This freesia is a great example of Iaint’s fine line work.  Usually is it part of a larger piece, but this tattoo is made up just of that.  The tattoo was sized to a good size and placement is on the inside of the wrist.  After having her Tattoo, this brave customer also decided to take a seat in Anna’s chair and get a new Tragus piercing too!

If you would like to get a new Tattoo, we are now taking bookings for December so contact us today.  If you would like a new piercing, we run a walk in service.  Just pop in to the I Ain’t No Saint near Hatfield Tattoo Studio any time Monday-Saturday 10.30-5.30.  You can check out the piercing prices here.