Looking for a Hertfordshire Tattoo Studio?  Take a look at some of Iaint Nosaint’s work done at I Ain’t No Saint in Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire. 

Iaint is our only artist here at I Ain’t No Saint, so all the work you see on this site is by him.  That includes this custom piece done recently here at I Ain’t No Saint

This customer wanted a Tattoo to symbolise family with his two children’s initials incorporated into the design.  He came in to the Hertfordshire Tattoo Studio and had a chat with Iaint about what he was looking to get.  A tree can symbolise life, good health, positive futures and family.  It shows that however much you grow as people, you will always be connected, and have the same roots.  The client wanted to use this symbolism and make it personal to him. 

After discussing what he wanted, Iaint came up with an idea based on the brief as well as some reference images the client had.  They decided upon leaves showing some tree bark with initials engraved in to it.  The customer booked in for one of our half day sessions.  This tattoo was completed – start to finish – within the afternoon.  It is a full outer half sleeve. 

If you would like to see more of Iaint’s work please take a look here

To book in, it’s always best to come in to I Ain’t No Saint Hertfordshire Tattoo Studio just like this customer did.  That way we can understand exactly what you are looking to get, discuss what can be done and book you in!  If you are unable to come in during our opening hours please send us a message now.