We have a huge Vape Supplies restock here at I Aint No Saint and even more eJuice, CBD Juice and Vape Kits online…

Our newest Vape delivery has just arrived and we have some great new things in stock as well as your favourites too.  So what has arrived?  Kit wise, we have the Smok Stick (a small pen style vape), the Vaporesso Veco Kit (one of our most popular kits!), the Innokin Pocketmod (one of the best high powered compact kits) and the Vaporesso Swag Kit (lots of power & variation in a palm-sized kit).  All of these products are available in the Studio and online at I Aint No Smoker

The most exciting thing to happen with eJuice are Shortfills.  We now stock over 4 different Brands and Double Drip is back in stock – not only are new flavours available, but Double Drip has now done all of their flavours in shortfill bottles.  If you haven’t heard about Shortfill eJuice take a look at this post!!

You may have noticed some changes going on here on the I Aint No Saint website.  We have completely rebranded and will now be using this site for the core I Aint No Saint products and services.  These are Tattooing, Piercing, The Stealth Project and our most recent and exciting development is the I Aint No Saint Streetwear

We have created a complete range of Streetwear for Men & Women, which we describe as: Streetwear that doesn’t care.  Make sure you follow the Instagram account and sign up to our newsletter to be informed of product drops and exciting news.  There are some really great pieces, even if I do say so myself, and completely exclusive, limited runs.

With all of the changes, this will be my last Vape post on the I Aint No Saint website.  NO: That does not mean we are stopping providing you with the best Vape supplies in the Studio.  In fact, it means we can provide you with more…

This is because Iain has given me the chance to have my own website purely dedicated to our Vaping arm of the business: I Aint No Smoker.  With the new website we can expand our product range with the comprehensive online shop, and concentrate on providing you the best Vapes and eJuice and also make sure you can keep up to date with News, brand new stock and information and reviews about Vaping.  We will also still be stocking Vape Supplies at the I Aint No Saint Studio – we are not going anywhere. 

However you need to make sure you follow my new Instagram account @IAintNoSmoker to see updates of new stock and more and please do browse I Aint No Smoker.  I will be bringing all of our customers – from complete novices to seasoned Vapers – regular blog posts as well as a fantastic range of products.  For example, we now stock CBD eJuice in the online shop as well as many other products – a much larger selection than we have in the Studio!  We also offer a Click & Collect service, so you can still come in to the Studio to pick my brains about all things Vaping or just get your regular items sent directly to your house.


The positive Vaping experience, with support and tips that we provide in person will be exactly the same on the Website too.  With any of the blog posts you can comment on with questions you might have, or suggestions for new products or just use the contact form to contact me directly.  And I love a bit of interaction on Instagram so make sure you give me a follow on there too!!

That’s all from me for now, although my voice is still going to be a regular feature here at I Aint No Saint as we get our teeth into the Streetwear (I am SO excited about the pieces we will be dropping…!) as well as all of my Piercing news and gorgeous jewellery that we have here at I Aint No Saint.  But if you mainly know me as “The lady who does the Vapes” make sure you take a look at my new Website (I am really pleased with it, I hope you like it too!) and follow me on Instagram so you are kept up to date with everything vape right in your news feed!!