Information about the I Aint No Saint New Location :

The Evolution of I Aint No Saint in the form of On the Road Tattoo, Custom Paint UK and I Aint No Smoker has found a new regular location – with a bit of a twist. 

That’s right – we have a big announcement to make!  In the last few Blog Posts we have been telling you all about the new Projects that Iain and Anna have been working on.  Since then we have taken a step further in securing a new solid location to compliment the mobile form of our new projects.   And where is this new location?  St Albans High Street.

Yes, you read that correctly; every Wednesday you can come and visit our Pitch at St Albans Market where you will be able to see examples of Iain’s Custom Paint work, as well as buy some very unique, one-off custom painted pieces.  There will be lots of Vape Products available from I Aint No Smoker as well as Streetwear from the I Aint No Saint clothing brand.

And you can also come to the Pitch to book in for Iain’s new Studio : On The Road Tattoo.  If you haven’t already checked out the new Studio, you really need to.  It something else – an experience like no other, a Tattoo Studio that comes to you.  Iain has had some time off and is getting back into the swing of things with his new Studio, bookings are now being taken for you to book in for the On The Road Tattoo experience.

So, if you are looking to book in for a Tattoo, see Iain’s Custom Paint work in the flesh and pick up some one of a kind custom painted items or to grab top quality Vape products and I Aint No Saint apparel then get yourself down to St Albans Market on a Wednesday!

We should soon be securing a pitch on a Saturday too, so keep an eye out for updates on when we will be attending on both Market days!  But for now we look forward to seeing you all in the I Aint No Saint New Location of St Albans Market every Wednesday.

If you can’t get down to the Market, please take a look at the On The Road Tattoo Studio’s Website and Instagram @TattooRaceTruck to follow Iain’s adventures in his new Studio.  Or for Custom Paint work take a look at or the Instagram @ukcustompaint.   For any Vape Products you need, Anna is running an online shop at with free delivery to the Local Area – or if you have a Business or Offices and you would like to encourage to stop smoking and switch to a healthier lifestyle of Vaping take a look at the mobile Vape Shop @VapeVanette and contact Anna about having her visit your place of business!