If you follow me on lnstagram and have watched all of my pictures disappear over the weekend, don’t panic!  I am not giving up Tattooing and doing a ‘runner’, we are just having a bit of a Social Media sort out…

As I may have mentioned previously I am not a fan of social media.   This has been compounded since the Cambridge Analytica Scandal when even Mr Zuckerberg – who was meant to be safeguarding my data – admitted that he had even failed to safeguard his own.  I deleted Facebook and decided that now Social Media is strictly business for me.

Best decision I have made in years.

“If you’re not paying for the product then you are the product” something that became only too apparent when I tried to delete my pictures on Instagram.  I was only “allowed” to delete 50 at a time within a set time period.  It has taken three days to delete the content.

Those who know will follow the new private account on Instagram @topsecrettattoo.  No offence but if I don’t know you you’re not getting in.  So if you want to get in, get to know me or make yourself known to me.

If you miss me liking or commenting on your “stuff” then call in to the Studio and I will give you a thumbs up in person if it helps, or call me if you need an opinion.

As my regulars know, we have a great healing product: Super Tattoo Sauce.  From now on my Tattoo work will be posted on the Super Tattoo Sauce Social Media.  So if you want to keep up to date with the Tattooing on Instagram follow @supertattoosauce for all of our latest News, Tattoos, Conventions and general goings on.  

As all of our clients will testify Super Tattoo Sauce is an excellent 100% natural, vegan healing product for Tattoos.  And it deserves to go to a much wider audience.  Next year, Super Tattoo Sauce will be on the road so the Instagram account could be an interesting feed to follow.  We will also be totally rebranding Super Tattoo Sauce in the very near future so make sure you follow the Instagram to stay up to date with the new product!

On Instagram @iaintnosaint will no longer be my personal scrap book of vegan treats, training madness and doggy adventures scattered with Tattoos.  It has now been commandeered for the good of the company and will now exclusively feature the new range of I Aint No Saint Streetwear.

We describe it as “Streetwear that does not care”.  And it will be available to buy online at www.halo89.com or through the Studio and some other retailers that we will be working with.

So while you have your finger on the follow button why not check out @halo8nine? Halo 89 is responsible for all of the TShirt design, supply and print.  It’s not just TShirts that get the custom treatment, everything from die-cut stickers to one off mobile phone cases are getting customised and the Halo 89 website will be the online supplier of our new range of clothing.  Give Halo 89 a shout for all and any of your branding needs.