July 2024 Availability

Now that the Isle of Man TT is done for another year, we can start looking towards the rest of the summer…when it finally decides to arrive!    

Now’s the time to get booked in before your holidays and the sunshine arrives so that you can be fully healed and ready to make the most of the summer. 

With all of the excitement that the TT brought, it also brought a lot of virus’ bugs & Covid – this means that the June dates do have some availability which you can see here.  We do ask all customers to inform us prior to an appointment if you are feeling under the weather.

July 2024 available dates: 

1st Full

2nd Free

3rd Full

4th Full

5th Free

6th Free from 2.30pm

7th Closed

8th Free before 4pm

9th Free

10th Full

11th Full

12th Free

13th Free

14th Closed

15th Free

16th Free

17th Full

18th Full

19th Free

20th Free

21st Closed

22nd Free

23rd Free

24th Full

25th Full

26th Free

27th Free

28th Closed

29th Free

30th Free

31st Full

In order to book a non-refundable deposit is required.  Please contact us before you pay a deposit so that we can advise on time needed and price for your tattoo.

We have a new price list!  Take a look at the new price list here before booking to take advantage of the discounts.  Minimum charge is £60 for small tattoos.  

Using this system means that the only time a  consultation is needed is to measure, we go through all  the artwork and ideas using messages, it’s the best way to send pictures.

If you are interested in the crash helmet paintwork and airbrush work, please check out X-Paint.

The diary opens for August 2024 on the 15th of July 2024.

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