This Nordic Compass and Lunar phase Tattoo has was done as part of a pair at I Aint No Saint near Kings Langley Tattoo Studio. Take a look at them both in this post…You may remember this post about returning customer Max who has had two realistic Falcon Tattoos done by our Kings Langley Tattoo Artist Iain Nosaint.  

Well, he was back less than two months after having his second Falcon done with plans for two more Tattoos.  This customer has carefully planned out his Tattoos – the Two Falcons, although different are in similar poses and Iain made sure to size and place them to create a matching effect.  And Max wanted to do a similar thing with his next two.

However, these two are different from the realistic wildlife Tattoos he has had before – these next two were much more symbolic. 

Both of these two Tattoos are based on Nordic magical staves and steeped in meaning.  They were done by our artist Iain in 2 separate appointments – a sensible decision for the best healing process.  The first Tattoo was placed on the inside of the forearm and is known in the modern day as Ægishjálmur (the Helm of Awe).  It is said to provide physical, mental and spiritual protection.

For the second session Max wanted the second Tattoo with matching placement and sized to suit the first.  This time the symbol was a Vegvisir with the Lunar phase in between.  The Vegvisir is known as a Nordic compass, but is literally translated as “Sign post”, it is thought that whoever carries this symbol will never lose their way.  

Whether you like realistic Black and Grey Tattoos or symbolism, geometric Tattoos – or perhaps you prefer Colour tattoos? – Iain is happy working in any style, just take a look at his work here

So what are you waiting for?  Come in to the Studio or get in contact with us to get booked in for your next bit of ink!