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Check out this unique first Tattoo done by Iain Nosaint here at I Aint No Saint near Kings Langley Tattoo Studio…

This customer came to the I Aint No Saint Studio with an image that he wanted to have as a Tattoo.  He booked in there and then to get his first tattoo. 

The I Aint No Saint Tattoo Studio is located in Abbots Langley, so if you are looking for a Kings Langley Tattoo Studio we are less than 5 minutes away!

Iain is the only artist here at I Aint No Saint, and you can take a look at his work in the gallery here

Whether you like Colour or Black and Grey Tattoos Iain is happy working in both styles.  

If you want to get a new Tattoo why not come to the I Aint No Saint Studio for a chat.  Bring with you any reference images you have for us to take a look at.  If you can’t get in during our opening hours you can contact us now using our contact form.