Got a Lip Piercing just not sure what Lip piercing Jewellery to get?  Make sure you have a look at the different types you can have…

Have a healed Lip piercing and want to know what jewellery you can now wear?  Or fancy a new Lip Piercing and want to plan what to wear in it once healed?  Take a look below!

Initial Lip Piercing Jewellery

When you first have your lip pierced at I Ain’t No Saint we will fit ‘initial piercing jewellery’.  This jewellery will always be too long for the piercing once healed, to allow for swelling.  Most likely, you will have a Labret fitted.  This is a straight bar with a flat back and a ball screwed on at the front.  With this piece of Jewellery you will get the choice between a plain ball or clear crystal. 


However, if you have chosen to have a Jestrum or Vertical Labret/Ashley piercing you will have a curved Barbell fitted.  Again, this will be too long for the piercing once it has healed. 

lip piercing jewellery curved barbell

Once your Lip Piercing has healed you will notice that the bar will show.  As long as there is no longer any swelling or healing going on, you can change your bar!  Please be aware that healing times do vary for everyone.

Healed Lip Piercing Jewellery

So, your piercing is healed, now you have the chance to choose some fabulous jewellery!

Labrets : The world is your oyster here.  A shorter bar will be needed to make sure it doesn’t stick out, but make sure it isn’t too short as it can cause discomfort on the inside of the lip.  Our Piercer Anna will be able to point you in the right direction here. 
We have a fantastic range of Attachments for Labrets.  We stock simple Silver Titanium, Gold PVD Titanium and Black PVD Titanium.  Then we have a range of sparkles, Opals and more should you wish to be more adventurous!

Blue Labret Attachments Flowers and crystal labret attachments

Curved Barbells:  Again, you have a good choice here too.  A lot of the Barbells can be customised to suit your wishes, perhaps a flower one end and an opal the other?  Most of the attachments for Labrets can fit the barbells too!
Or you can just stick to simple a Black PVD Titanium or a plain silver Titanium barbell for a classic look!

Curved Barbell Jewellery

Rings:  Here at I Ain’t No Saint we will never fit rings for initial jewellery.  If you are set on having a ring, please be patient and wait until the piercing is fully healed.  Once it is, you will have a choice of Silver, Gold, Black and Rose Gold seamless rings.  We also stock Horseshoe’s and BCR’s in different colours and sizes too!

main-pic-250_NR_RGCOBC main-pic-250_BC_BKBC

Now you know, why not come in to the parlour and get some new Jewellery to add to your collection!  Anna will be happy to guide you in the right direction for the types and lengths of jewellery you might need.  

Please note that if you would like your new jewellery fitted we charge a fee of £5. 

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