Like this Lost At Sea Tattoo Design by our artist Iaint?  Find out the history behind it then get it inked!

Our Artist Iaint Nosaint is regularly drawing up new Tattoo Designs.  They are all available to be Tattooed.  Should you like one get in touch with us about getting it done!

Some of Iaint’s designs are created using traditional imagery with a fresh spin.  These are therefore in-keeping with the roots of traditional Tattooing with Iaint’s own creative take on the subject.  


Lost at Sea Tattoo Design meaning

This Lost at Sea Tattoo Design incorporates two very popular, traditional tattoo themes : Nautical and Gypsy tattoos.

The symbolism of a hand holding a crystal ball signifies good luck and a prosperous future.  It depicts hope and good things to come.

A ship is one of the most popular image in Nautical Tattoos.  Ships symbolise freedom and adventure but can also mean isolation and escape.  

So despite the Ship being lost at sea, combined with the Crystal Ball this tattoo design shows hope for the future.  And the ability to find a path to follow, even in the most desperate of times. 

Want this Design as a Tattoo?

If you want to get this design Tattooed then get in touch with us now!  Iaint is offering it at a set price of £180 for Black and Grey or £220 in Colour. 

Want to learn more about the history surrounding Nautical Tattoos?  Make sure you read this blog post.

Do you like Iaint’s custom artwork and want to see more?  Take a look at Iaint’s gallery with other designs that are available.

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