This freehand Lotus Hand Tattoo was done by Iaint in the Studio this weekend.  Take a closer look at this hand tattoo here…

This customer has been having some ongoing work done in the Studio recently.  Iain recently did this Poppy Tattoo on the same customer and has been working on a Japanese Style Koi up the inside of his arm too.  

The Client decided he wanted to get a Lotus on his hand to tie in with the Japanese work that he already has on his arm.  He sent through a picture for reference and Iain decided to draw the Lotus freehand onto the client.  

The lotus was drawn on for the customer to see before getting it Tattooed.  And the Lotus Hand Tattoo was completed in 2 1/2 hours.  Iain made sure to make the tattoo tie in by adding some finger waves and giving the flower a dark background to make it pop & look 3D.

Iain found reference of a real lotus flower to give him some inspiration.  From this he drew a Lotus to fit the back of the hand and up onto the wrist to fill in a gap between that and existing work. 

Take a look at some more of Iain’s work in his Gallery to get some ideas for your next tattoo. 

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