“Begin at the beginning,” the King said, very gravely, “and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”  He could have been talking about getting tattooed, as any Alice in Wonderland fans know this is a quote from the works of Lewis Carrol. 

Who of course wrote Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass.  Apparently there is no evidence to suggest that he was “off his nut” on LSD at the time, that was just a rumour. 

Currently I am working on a “twisted” Alice in Wonderland lower sleeve.  So I have been trawling the deepest darkest corners of the web looking for reference, found some great stuff.  Much of which I would like to tattoo as is.  So I am going to do some Tattoo Special Offers.

My approach to reference that I find is simple: I love tattooing and will tattoo anything that looks fun to do.  So for me reference can be other peoples artwork as is or my interpretation of same.  I never claim the original work as my own and I always try to do as much justice to the original piece as possible.  I didn’t always take this approach, I used to avoid the artwork of others but the tattoo industry has changed.  If I don’t do it the guy down the road will.  Simple as that.

That said please let me help find the reference.  It’s great when you walk in with artwork that you have already “married” only for me to explain that I have quoted on the same piece of artwork four times this month.  You have to get deep into the search terms if you want to find something exclusive.  Everyone is hitting the first page of google.

Tattoo Special Offers:

So I am aiming to make this a new “thing” on the website.  When I am searching for reference for a certain project and come across great bits of art that I would really like to tattoo, instead of placing them in my never to be seen again reference folder I will do a “Tattoo Special Offers” post, like this one.  That way if you see something you like then you know I already want to tattoo it and more importantly you know how much it will cost!

So who’s up for some Alice in Wonderland tattoos?

Small reference Black & Grey £120 / Colour £140



Black & Grey £220/Colour £250


Black & Grey £320/ Colour £340



Prices given are for Black and Grey and Colour respectively.  They are also based on “normal” placement; so places like rib cage, neck, butt cheek will be extra, you get the picture.  Also no: no we can’t put it on your big toe, under your fingernail or on your eyeball.  No, I repeat NO you cannot have a back piece on your foot.  I don’t care how much you want it or who it is in memory of….no.  I have fifteen years experience at this craft, please listen to the advice, it is forthright and HONEST.  Sometimes it is hard to swallow if you are already married to your idea, but it is partly the job of a pro Tattooer to save you from yourself in some cases.  Please bare this in mind when enquiring.

If you fancy any of the above inked, fire Anna a request through the contact page and she will happily guide you through the booking process.  Don’t forget we do Gift Vouchers all year round, one of these may make a nice birthday present?