There’s even more change on the horizon here at I Ain’t No Saint…It doesn’t end with the new logo or our exciting new projects…we are also working on a new I Ain’t No Saint online shop!  Well, we might say ‘shop’ but there’s a bit of a twist.

With all of what has been happening at the Studio with the break in and then the evolution of I Ain’t No Saint, we took the time to look at our online shop too.

Anyone who has visited our Studio will know that we are a small outfit, with not much storage place to hold lots of stock.  And with the fact that local criminals seem to think we are a prime target (we’ve still not figured out why yet…), we do not want to hold much stock either.

So we have decided to do an overhaul on the shop, and make a plan as to how we can best serve you, our clients, now and in the future.

This does, however, mean that for a few days our online shop will be out of action – we do apologise for any inconvenience this might cause.  But we will soon be bringing you a completely re-vamped way to shop online at I Ain’t No Saint.

Things will be a little different than before… Iain has given me the opportunity to design a whole new Vape website with a shop which will focus purely on eJuice, Vape Hardware and supplies.  In fact, we have decided to revisit an old outfit in the name of I Ain’t No Smoker (it’s funny how these things come back round – some of you Veteran clients may remember the name from a few years ago).

I Ain’t No Smoker will be home to Vape News and Reviews, with lots of updates from me, the resident I Ain’t No Saint Vape Guru (known to many as “the lady who does the Vapes”).  It will also have the shop built in to the website, which means you can now find all of our Vape supplies in one easy place.

The Vape shop is continuously growing.  We have so much more online than we could ever dream of stocking in the Studio.  You still get the same great support, knowledge and expertise as you would if you came in to the Studio, but virtually and with lots more choice.

With that in mind, I am also working on an online chat facility so that I can give you Vape advice and recommendations live whilst you shop.

We will also be able to deliver directly to your door or Click and Collect in the Studio.  Whatever you order online at I Ain’t No Smoker it will be with you or ready to pick up from the Studio in just 2 days.

Then right here at the I Ain’t No Saint online shop you’ll be able to grab some Gift Vouchers, stock up on Tattoo Aftercare and be the first to get your hands on our new and exciting clothing range!  Not forgetting to mention my wonderful sparkly piercing jewellery.


That won’t be all, there will be one off, custom painted and airbrush pieces by Iain available too.

You’ll still be able to purchase all of these things in the Studio while the online shopping platforms undergo maintenance measures; do stop in if you are passing I Ain’t No Saint.

As you may have noted from previous posts, we will be taking a hiatus from the High Street retail business for a while.  We both deserve holidays and we need to find the right premises for the future of I Ain’t No Saint, we still have plenty of time so that could still happen seamlessly.  But should we not find the right premises by the end of the summer then we will be postponing the opening of our next retail venture to March ‘19 at the earliest.  

We value each and every one of our customers so I do hope that you support the I Ain’t No Smoker site during this time.  I will be endeavouring to make deliveries, organise a click and collect service in the village and hopefully continue to offer you the same great vape service whilst we find our new spot.

So keep your eyes peeled because it will all be kicking off very soon!

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