Opening times are going to be tricky until at least Christmas 2022. Currently I am splitting my time between tattoos, custom paint and come January a new paint shop that will hopefully open in February or March.

At the top of the page we have a news banner which will update daily, we will update this with the next days opening times. Or if we wont be open for walk ins it will say so.

The studio wont be manned at all times until at least January, we will be taking on some staff but we just don’t have the time at the moment to interview for the positions that will become available.

We are NOT seeking a tattoo apprentice.

From Monday the 21st of November 2022 you will be able to book in or arrange a consultation over email or via text message, the email address is and the number for texts is 07624 428989.

Please don’t call at the moment, your tattoo idea is not as easy to describe over the phone as you may initially think it will be, and there is a fairly good chance that you will intterupt someone else’s tattoo!

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