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You’ve had a new piercing, now it’s time to look after it!


Clean your new piercing twice a day for at least 6 weeks with a salt water solution :

  • Boil a kettle, put a small amount (around 6-10 crystals) of natural sea saltNOT TABLE SALT – in an egg cup or something similar and fill with the boiled water
  • Let the solution cool so that is still warm, but not boiling hot
  • Soak the piercing in the solution for 3-5 minutes
    • For most piercings the easiest way to clean them is to soak a cotton wool ball in the solution.  With clean hands apply the saturated cotton wool to both sides of the piercing site.
    • For Navel and Nipple Piercings  you can use the edges of the egg cup to form a seal & lay back while the piercing soaks directly in the salt water solution.
    • For Oral Piercings swill mouth with salt water solution at least twice a day, but preferably after meals.
  • If there is any build up around the site you can gently wipe these away after being softened by the salt water solution with a cotton wool ball or bud.  Be careful not to poke & prod your piercing as this can cause irritation

Healed Daith Piercing

  • After washing always rinse the site of the piercing with clean water to ensure no soap residue is left around the piercing site (this can cause irritation)
  • Leave your piercing alone!
    • This means no fiddling with your new piercing – it’s tempting but don’t do it.  This can prolong the healing period as well as possibly getting unwanted dirt & bacteria in the piercing site
    • With a new piercing you want your body to just naturally heal the area.  By moving the jewellery you can make the body more aware of your new piercing instead of just accepting it.
  • If you must touch or move your jewellery always make sure that your hands are clean
  • Don’t over clean!
    • Your body is pretty good at healing itself naturally.  You don’t need to constantly clean the piercing area as this can prolong the healing process too.
  • Once the initial healing period is over it is always a good idea to change the jewellery to something that fits your piercing better.  The initial jewellery is always longer than needs to be to allow for swelling, but in some cases once the piercing is healing
  • Don’t go in swimming pools, the sea or other places where germs, dirt and grime will get get into the piercing site

Healed Industrial Piercing

Lumps and Bumps:
  • These are normally caused by movement of jewellery, knocks to the piercing site or in some cases reactions to the jewellery material.  As we only ever fit Implant Grade Titanium Jewellery for your initial piercing this shouldn’t be the case if you have been Pierced at the I Ain’t No Saint Studio.
  • If any lumps do occur it is sometimes good idea to change your jewellery to a smaller piece and continue with salt water soaks.  Stop by the Studio and have a chat with our piercer Anna if you think this might be the case
  • Chamomile Tea soaks – a natural way to help the piercing calm down & get rid of lumps and bumps
    • Boil a kettle & soak a tea bag of pure Chamomile Tea for a few minutes
    • Take the bag out of the water & apply to the piercing as warm as is comfortable (do not apply a hot tea bag that will burn the piercing site)
    • Leave the tea bag to soak on the piercing site until it has gone stone cold
    • Try this method once daily for a week to see if it helps calm the piercing site down.  If any irritation occurs stop using this method.
  • Piercings take at least 6 months to properly heal and in some cases up to a year. Make sure you take good care of your new piercing in these initial months to avoid a prolonged healing period.


Once your Piercing is healed you will be able to change it to some new jewellery!  We have a wide selection in the Studio so stop in and pick out something new.  You can take a look at our some of the pieces and piercings by Anna here

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact or visit us in the Studio.