Shown below are all of our body piercing prices.


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Prices are for piercings & our standard jewellery – a choice of different sized clear crystal or plain titanium balls.  If you would like to upgrade your jewellery to something in our gorgeous jewellery selection you are more than welcome to at an added cost.  Price depends on attachment chosen. 
– Lobe £15 (both £20)

– Tragus £25 – nub/flap in front of ear canal
– Anti-Tragus £20 – outer ear cartilage opposite ear canal
– Helix/Forward Helix £20 – outer rim or ‘cuff’ of ear cartilage
– Rook £20 – ridge between tragus and top of ear/helix
– Snug £20 – ridge of anti-helix (ridge between outer ear and inner ear)
– Conch £20 – ‘cupped’ part of ear next to ear canal
– Daith £25 – the inner most cartilage fold above the ear canal, the crus of the helix
– Auricle £20 – mid way up outer ear
– Pinna £20 – upper outer ear (not on ‘cuff’ of ear)
– Scaffold/Industrial £35 – through 2 parts of helix/forward helix & once healed joined by straight barbell
– Triple Cartilage £50 – 3 holes next to each other in upper conch/pinna
– Nostril £25 – though outer nostril

– Septum £30 – through middle/divide of nostrils
Eyebrow £25
– Anti Eyebrow £25 – Surface piercing below eye
– Bridge £30 – surface piercing through bridge of nose
– Tongue £30 – vertically through tongue
– Lip £25 – through/around lip (top or bottom) eg. Monroe, Labret, Medusa, Jestrum etc.
Smiley £25 – through frenulum between top lip and gum
– Nipple £30 – through nipple, male or female, horizontal or vertical (18+ ONLY)

– Belly Button £30
– Surface £30 – Piercing through surface skin on different parts of the body
– £30 – Small anchor is placed below skin with detachable gem/jewellery above skin (18+ ONLY)


We have a strict Over 18 Only Policy here at I Aint No Saint, as you will be entering a tattooing environment.
However we will allow 14+ for ear piercings and 16/17 year olds for Facial, Oral and Body piercings if accompanied by a parent/guardian.
You must have photo ID to show proof of age, otherwise you cannot be pierced. 

Contact us if you have any questions or queries.