We recently completed this lower half sleeve in one sitting at the Ramsey Tattoo Studio Isle of Man. Despite this being a first tattoo the customer sat really well. At iaintnosaint we don’t use numbing creams, we just use a gentle touch and call on over 20 years of tattooing experience to help our customer through the tattoo.

If you would like to discuss your next tattoo project then get in touch via the chat button on this website. We start the process with a chat over WhatsApp so that I can get an idea of your design and ideas. Messenger is better than a phone call as I can refer back to the conversation when needed, also I can’t answer the phone and talk properly when in the middle of a tattoo.

From there, if you wish to proceed, I will require a deposit payment. Again you can do this on this website under bookings. With a deposit in place we then finalize your time and date of tattoo and confirm the booking.

Once we have all of this process completed, we then arrange an evening appointment for a consultation if needed? Some tattoos don’t need a consultation, take a football badge for example, all I need to know is the size, the placement and if you want black and grey or colour? That’s it.

Consultations are primarily to discuss artwork, go through ideas and to measure up. I don’t charge for consultations if they are needed. However, if you want a consultation regardless, then these will be charged at the usual hourly rate if there is nothing to be gained from a meeting.

Get in touch to discuss your next idea, you won’t find a social media star or personality Tattooer, but you will find someone who turns out solid clean reliable work and is as passionate as you are about getting a great result!

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