Returning customer Max booked back in to get a second Falcon Bird Tattoo recently.  Take a look at the new one and how the old one has healed too…

Seven months ago Max came in to the I Ain’t No Saint Studio wanting a realistic Falcon tattoo on his arm.  When booking in, we discussed how he wanted the falcon to look.  He wanted it to appear as though the bird Tattoo was perched on his arm, and all of the detailed markings, feathers and wings could be seen.  

We explained the best way to find an image of a Falcon that he liked and he booked in.  A few days later, Max sent over some artwork for Iain to work from and we were ready for his half day session.  

The Falcon bird Tattoo was sized to fit his upper arm.  This meant that all the detail of the Falcon could be used and made to look as realistic as possible.  In 5 hours Iain completed the Tattoo and Max left the Studio with a striking Falcon on his right arm. 

Fast forward to January and we received an email with a reference image of a second Falcon.  Max had decided that he was ready to get tattooed again and had a plan to get a second falcon, this time with the same placement on the left arm.  Having listened to our advice Max had found a good image that Iain could use to create a second realistic Falcon bird Tattoo.  When booking in Max went for another half day session. 

On the day, we sized the falcon to match up with his existing Tattoo.  The stencil was applied and the half day session had begun.  5 hours later, the second Falcon Tattoo was completed.

We think you’ll agree the first Falcon has settled down nicely, and gives all of our customers a great example of some of Iain’s healed work.  Here at I Ain’t No Saint we can’t wait to see the second Falcon healed and look forward to the next Tattoo that Max decides to go for!

Our artist Iain enjoys doing realistic animal tattoo; check out this colour realism Mandrill and Chow Chow dog he has done recently.  If you like the black and grey style take a look at this animal full sleeve in progress.  For even more Tattoos (not just animals!) take a look at Iain’s gallery here

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