This customer booked in for a Remembrance Poppy Tattoo to fill in his inside bicep, take a look at this unique design by our artist Iaint…

The client is an existing customer who had been having other work done by Iaint.  He decided he wanted to fill his inside bicep (he has other work on the arm not done by Iaint) and wanted a remembrance Poppy Tattoo. 

He specified the brief – the Tattoo was to fill the space and include a poppy and the phrase “Lest we forget”.  During his other sessions the client discussed the design with Iaint.  From this and images the customer sent through as reference, Iaint created a design that would suit the space and meet the brief. 

Remembrance Poppy Tattoo by Iaint Nosaint

Black and Grey was decided upon to keep the Poppies looking timeless, and a straight, clear font for the remembrance phrase was chosen to frame the top of the design. 

If you like this Remembrance Poppy Tattoo and would like to see more of Iaint’s work please click here.  Or if you would like to book in contact us now or come to the Studio to discuss your next bit of ink!