Check out this large ornate Skull chest tattoo – it’s going to be the centrepiece to a full chest Tattoo by Iain Nosaint…

Regular customer Chris has had 3/4 sleeves on both of his arms done at I Ain’t No Saint.  He chose 3/4 sleeves, rather than a full sleeve due to work.  So he can still be quite extensively tattooed, but can be easily covered as and when it needs to be. 


Since completing his arms, Chris has decided to go for a full chest piece – and the focus?  A very large skull.  

This Skull Chest Tattoo may not look that big on Chris (who is a very tall man), but we can assure you that it is almost a full A4 size.  The Ornate markings on the skull are to tie in with the rest of the planned work. 

When booking, Chris wanted to get a geometric/mandala style full chest tattoo.  As he has been a regular customer for a while, he trusts that when he sends over some reference, or gives Iain some ideas that Iain will create the right Tattoo for him.   And this time he was not disappointed!  

As soon as he came in to the Studio he saw the artwork and said “I like that!” and so this Skull Chest Tattoo was inked.  It is also covering an old surgical scar that Chris had on his chest.  Surgical scars need to be fully healed and over 2 years old before they can even begin to be considered to tattoo over – although everyone is different so it could be a lot longer before one can be covered. 

So what is planned for the rest of this full chest tattoo?  You’ll have to wait and see…although we can say that it will be a modern take on a classic tattoo image and will definitely incorporate geometric patterns…

Fancy getting booked in for some new ink yourself?  Come in to the Studio to book or get in contact with us here. 

For more of Iain’s work take a look at his gallery and get some inspiration for your next Tattoo!