A regular customer recently came to the I Ain’t No Saint Studio wanting to expand his full sleeve tattoo onto his chest.  After discussing ideas with Iaint they decided upon this unique 3D tattoo. 

When he came into the Studio, this client didn’t have a set brief of what he wanted to have on his chest.  He had a few different ideas that he discussed with Iaint and they looked through the reference images Iaint has to give them inspiration.

They decided upon combining a few popular images in Tattooing to create a completely unique piece of ink. Iaint then created the artwork to fit the left chest plate for a Skull Grenade and Exploding Rose 3D tattoo.

This Tattoo was split over two sessions, with the second finishing the shade and adding the white highlights.  Over time, the tattoo will settle down to match in with the rest of this customer’s full sleeve – all done by our artist Iaint.

Fancy seeing some more of Iaint’s work? Take a look at his gallery here.  He doesn’t just do Black and Grey Tattoos – if you like some colour why not check out this realistic mandrill tattoo.

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