Small tattoos start from just one pound each.  There is however an extra charge for the fourteen years experience Iaint uses to apply them.

And that charge is £99. That would make Iaint’s minimum charge £100.  That is one hundred and yes even for small tattoos.

Anchor Tattoo

I would wager that for every ten phone calls we get three of them are the same question “what is your minimum charge?”.  The answer in some cases is met with shock and dismay.  Others take it as an affront or an audacity.  A few pop into the Studio and pay a deposit.  Never ever does anyone ask me why my minimum charge is £100?

I am going to tell you anyway.

I have been tattooing for fourteen years now. When I started I would have tattooed you for free, I would have probably paid you to let me tattoo you.   I was a skin junky.  My enthusiasm was not however matched by my technique or knowledge. 

Wedding Ring Tattoo Small Elephant Tattoo

Fourteen years later and I only use the very best materials, the very best machinery and equipment.   I am solidly booked for pretty much most of the year.  For my chosen career as a Tattoo Artist I make a lot of sacrifices.   I don’t drink, I don’t go out and I train daily to make sure I am fit enough and sharp enough to do this job properly.

Surely that is worth £99? No? Still not convinced?

OK, well much of my work is quite big, so I do a lot of session work.  I charge £80 an hour for my custom tattooing.  As the only artist in the Studio, should I do a small tattoo then I have to do it in between sessions.  No matter what the size of the tattoo each and every one of my clients gets a completely new and sterile set up.   I change EVERYTHING on my workstation.  Not just the stuff that I have touched or the stuff that looks dirty; I do everything.


By the time I strip the workstation down, set it up again, ensure a clean & sterile environment, do your small tattoo and then set it up again for my next session I have pretty much used at least an hour that had I been doing session work I would have charged £80 for as part of a larger session.

I can see you’re still sceptical.

small tattoo quote

Want to see some examples of some more small Tattoos?  Take a look at our Gallery and Instagram.  If you want to get booked in then please contact us now!