Regular customers already know about the fantastic results our in house Tattoo Aftercare Super Tattoo Sauce gives.  Here you can find examples of how great Tattoos look when healed with Super Tattoo Sauce…

Made from 100% Natural, Vegan ingredients Super Tattoo Sauce is a Tattoo Aftercare product like no others.

Firstly, it is more hygienic than other Tattoo Aftercare products.  This is due to the sauce being in a dropper bottle, which means you can drip oil onto your fresh tattoo without touching it.  Unlike creams & tubes you do not need to touch the dropper.  There is no need to go putting your fingers in the aftercare, and therefore no cross contamination.


Being an oil also makes it easier to apply.  There is no gloopy mess, no snagging on difficult creams.  The oil is easily and quickly absorbed by the skin with no excess residue. 

The oil is made up of all natural seed and essential oils.  Each one has been carefully selected to help with the healing process. 

Tattoo Aftercare with Super Tattoo Sauce is easy too.  The oil goes a long way so you don’t use up half a bottle in a day – there is just no need.  But if you do, it is much less prone to block your pores than many other mainstream Tattoo Aftercare methods. 

Super Tattoo Sauce also heals your tattoos faster and darker – with more ink staying in the tattoo than other products.  You can see from the pictures in this post that these tattoos heal as good as they look when they are first done!


So what are you waiting for?  Grab yourself a bottle of Super Tattoo Sauce Tattoo Aftercare from our online shop of by coming in to the Studio.  

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