It seems that everything gets some sort of January Slimming and Iain’s Tattoo Gallery is no exception…

Recently Iain’s Tattoo Gallery had become a bit unruly filling up 7 pages with pictures of Tattoos.  So this January slimming it down was a must.  

This doesn’t mean that we wanted to take away some of the images.  But we decided to update and shorten the Gallery to give a concise example of Iain’s work. 

We do apologise if your tattoo has been taken down – it is not that we don’t like it or don’t think it is as good as others.  However we have chosen the most up to date and diverse selection to showcase Iain’s work. 


If you would like to see a tattoo of yours in the Tattoo Gallery make sure you get booked in for some new ink!  

Iain is keen to do some more Colour pieces as well as having a reference folder full of images he’d like to Tattoo.  So got an idea of what you want?  Or would you like to give Iain the control and create a custom piece just for you?  Come in to the Studio or contact us here!